Police authorities found five dead bodies at a home in Lake Township on Thursday night, sparking a horrific episode that took place in Ohio. The shocking incident has been labeled as a quadruple murder-suicide by law enforcement agencies.

According to a statement posted on the Uniontown Police Department’s Facebook page, police were sent to the home about 7:30 p.m. to conduct a welfare check.

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As stated in the police release, upon their arrival, law enforcement officers discovered the dead bodies of five family members inside the residence, which is located roughly 15 miles southeast of Akron.

As of now, the police officials have not released much information on the case and have also not disclosed the identities of the deceased.

Authorities believe that a domestic disagreement that turned fatal was the cause of this terrible tragedy. There are no present signs of any further parties being engaged in the inquiry, which is being conducted as a quadruple homicide-suicide. The Bureau of Criminal Investigation of the Ohio Attorney General was called on Thursday night to assist with the gathering and recording of evidence.

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As reported by Cincinnati. com, the couple and their three children—two girls and a boy—who had lived there were remembered with affection by the neighbors who lived next door on Friday morning. Edmond Gadzacko recalled that the couple had moved into the neighborhood a remarkable 18 years ago, even before they started their family. Alongside his wife, Denise, they had always cherished their neighbors and had never encountered any issues with them.

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The three kids, the youngest of whom was just eight years old, were active members of the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Gadzacko remarked with affection. He continued by saying that during their visits, these kids would regularly play with his own grandchildren. In fact, when the Gadzackos’ grandchildren traveled from Oklahoma to visit, they played a nice game of baseball in the front yard with kids from both families earlier this summer.