A video published by TMZ supposedly showing comedian George Lopez urinating on Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has gone viral on Twitter angering supporters of the former US President. However, the video is actually 5 years old and was first published by TMZ in 2018.

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In the original video, Lopez is seen posing over Trump’s Walk of Fame star before pretending to urinate on it with a bottle. The video has since been resurfaced online, upsetting Trump supporters, as a version with the bottle blurred has managed to fool quite a few people.

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The president had received harsh criticism from Lopez during his first year in office. Additionally, the comedian had scathing remarks for Trump’s stances on immigration and how Hispanics are treated.

Meanwhile, offended Trump users voiced their anger over the video on Twitter. One person wrote, “The fact that he did this in public, the fact he published this makes him nothing more than another deranged person in need of mental health counseling what a pathetic loser George Lopez”

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Another Twitter user said, “George Lopez on camera committing a sexual offense by exposing himself in public? Well there is a list that this action will put you on for life, can’t wait… Unless, theres a double standard and being anti-Trump means you’re above the law?”

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Meanwhile, a Twitter user clarified that Lopez was not actually urinating but only pretending to and the controversy was caused due to the video being pixelated wrongly. The person wrote, “Another example of how misinformation spreads on the internet. A video of George Lopez allegedly peeing on Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was modified (pixelated) to make it appear as though he was really urinating in public.”