A shooting incident on East 6th Street in Downtown Austin has resulted in one fatality and three injuries, sparking investigations into the involvement of Austin Police officers.

Late on Saturday night, a distressing event unfolded on East 6th Street, where an attempt to bring a gun into a bar escalated into an officer-involved shooting. Austin Police swiftly responded to the scene following reports of an individual with a firearm.

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Austin Police Department (x/@EligioAwiizotl)

Interim Police Chief Robin Henderson provided details at a press conference, revealing that the situation took a grave turn when the suspect pointed a gun at responding officers. In response, three Austin Police Department (APD) officers discharged their weapons, fatally injuring the suspect, who was pronounced dead upon reaching the hospital.

Tragically, amidst the chaos, three bystanders sustained gunshot wounds. One individual is in critical condition, while the other two have non-life-threatening injuries. An ongoing investigation seeks to determine whether these injuries resulted from police gunfire or actions taken by the suspect.

Anticipated within 10 business days, the release of body camera footage from the involved officers will shed light on the sequence of events. Currently, the officers involved have been placed on administrative duty as the investigation progresses.

Authorities are urging individuals with any information regarding the shooting to contact APD at 512-974-6840. As investigations unfold, both APD’s Special Investigations Unit and the Travis County District Attorney’s Office will conduct a criminal inquiry. Simultaneously, APD’s Internal Affairs Unit and the Office of Police Oversight will oversee the administrative aspects of the investigation.

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The identity of the deceased suspect remains undisclosed, intensifying the ongoing scrutiny of incidents involving law enforcement. The tragic outcome on 6th Street prompts a comprehensive examination, seeking to provide clarity on the circumstances leading to the officer-involved shooting and its aftermath.