At least 10 people were shot dead by a gunman at a grocery store in the western US state of Colorado, police said Monday. “We have multiple people who were killed in this incident. And I am sorry to have to report that one of them was a Boulder police officer,” Boulder police commander Kerry Yamaguchi.

“During this trying time, I would ask the media and the public to honour the privacy of the officer’s family and his coworkers here at the police department,” Yamaguchi added.

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Kerry said “multiple people” had been killed in the shootout, including one Boulder police officer. 

A clear number of fatalities or injured people has not been given. More information is to be released in the evening, according to the commander. 

A police spokesman said, “We are still processing the scene.”

Yamaguchi said, “We do have a person of interest in custody, that person was injured during the incident, and is currently being treated for their injuries.”

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Boulder Police Department Commander Kerry Yamaguchi said there is now no ongoing threat related to the shooting, saying, “I can share with the public today, or this evening, that there is no ongoing public threat,” he said, speaking in a news conference outside the scene of the shooting.