Peter Jackson, Lord of The Rings director, has now restored more than 50 hours of outtakes from the Beatles documentary ‘Let it Be’ that was produced in 1970. The new project reveals the rare connection the members of the bands shared with each other and also the work ethic they shared. All during their process of breaking up.

The Peter Jackson documentary will shed light on the relationship between Paul McCartney and John Lennon before their eventual split in 1970.

The film, a seven hours-long affair, is divided into three parts.

The 1970 documentary had a fixed narrative that the members were tired of each other and did not share a healthy relationship.

The “Get Back” series unspools over three days starting Thanksgiving on Disney+.

“Get Back” is a fly-on-the-wall look at the creative process of a band still popular a half-century after it ceased existence.

Jackson was discussing another project with the Beatles when he asked about the outtakes of the 1970 film. He found out that nearly 60 hours of the film were unseen along with 150 hours of audio. He spent four years building a story around it.

He approached with the fear that it might be a depressing slog.

Lindsay-Hogg’s film is viewed as a chronicle of the band’s demise — unfairly, in Jackson’s view.

“I just waited for it to go bad,” Jackson said. “I waited for the arguments to begin. I waited for the conflict to begin. I waited for the sense that they hated each other. I waited for all the things I had read in the books, and it never showed up.”

“The connection was incredible,” drummer Ringo Starr recalled in a recent Zoom interview. “I’m an only child (but) I had three brothers. And we looked out for each other. We looked after each other. We had a few rows with each other — that’s what people do. But musically, every time we would count in — one, two, three, four — we were into being the best we could be.”

In the new series, Jackson dispels and reinforces pieces of conventional wisdom that has solidified through the years.

Here are the myths that Jackson handles in the new series.

Myth No. 1: McCartney was a control freak. (Partly true)

Myth No. 2: Yoko Ono broke up the Beatles. (False)

Myth No. 3: The Beatles had essentially turned into four solo artists, with the others as sidemen to each other’s songs. (False)

Myth No. 4: Filming showed the Beatles breaking up. (True)

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