Actor Patricia Hitchcock O’Connell, the daughter of director Alfred Hitchcock, died on Monday of natural causes. She was 93.

Patricia had made a memorable cameo in her father’s film ‘Strangers on a Train’. She also championed Alfred Hitchcock’s work, even decades after his death.

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She died on Monday in her sleep at home in Thousand Oaks, California, her daughter Tere Carrubba told AP on Wednesday. Carrubba also said that Patricia died of natural causes.

“She was always really good at protecting the legacy of my grandparents and making sure they were always remembered,” said Carrubba, one of Patricia Hitchcock’s three daughters. “It’s sort of an end of an era now that they’re all gone.”

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Known to many as Pat Hitchcock, she was born in London to Alfred Hitchcock and Alma Reville Hitchcock in 1928 and spent much of her life in and around the family business. During her childhood, Alfred Hitchcock directed such classics as “The 39 Steps,” “The Lady Vanishes” and “Shadow of a Doubt,” moved to California after signing a multipicture deal with producer David O. Selznick and rose to global fame as the “Master of Suspense.” Alma was his indispensable adviser, a former film editor through whom he vetted story ideas and screenplay treatments.

“My mother had much more to do with the films than she has ever been given credit for — he depended on her for everything, absolutely everything,” Pat Hitchcock told The Guardian in 1999.

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Pat would visit her father’s movie sets and by her teens was acting in school plays and appearing on stage, including the Broadway productions “Solitaire” and “Violet.” She was admitted to London’s Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 1947 and was about to graduate when her father contacted her and said he had a role for her in his new film, “Strangers on a Train,” adapted from the Patricia Highsmith novel. The 1951 production starred Robert Walker and Farley Granger as strangers who meet on a train and agree — at least Walker thinks they agree — to a double murder: Walker will kill Granger’s wife, and Granger will kill Walker’s father. Pat Hitchcock plays the sister of a woman (Ruth Roman), with whom Granger is in love.