, the trans celebrity and former Olympian, has blamed the security in United
States House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s home and the city of San Francisco for the
attack on Pelosi’s 82-year-old husband Paul Pelosi on Friday. Jenner, speaking
on Fox News, said the Speaker’s home lacked the security arrangement to repel
such an attack and added that San Francisco is a “violent city”.

“Why this
home wasn’t better protected is kind of beyond me. I mean in light of the
status…he’s married to the second person in line for the presidency. Seems
like, Pelosi needs to re-evaluate her security in the violent city of San
Francisco,” Jenner said.

“I’ve spent
a lot of time in San Francisco and it is violent,” Jenner said on Fox News.

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Paul Pelosi
was attacked late night Friday at the couple’s home in San Francisco,
California. The accused, a 42-year-old man named David Depape, broke into the
Pelosi home and was asking for the House Speaker screaming, “Where’s Nancy?”
according to several US based media reports.

arrived at the Pelosi home and broke through a door around 02:30 am. Cops saw Paul
Pelosi and David Depape holding on to a hammer. Depape hit Pelosi on the head
with the hammer. Cops immediately disarmed the accused and took him into
custody, according to San Francisco Police Chief William Scott.

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further said that the dispatcher who received Paul Pelosi’s 911 call used her
intuition and experience to ensure an above normal number of cops was
dispatched realising that the situation was graver than she was being told.

Paul Pelosi
suffered a fracture to his skull and injured one of his arms. The 82-year-old
underwent a surgery and is reportedly recovering fully.

The attack on
Paul Pelosi drew condemnation from a wide spectrum of US politicians. Joe
Biden, the President of the United States, said lawmakers need to unequivocally
condemn violence. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said he was “disgusted
by the attack.”