A man accused of attacking Nancy Pelosi’s husband with a hammer has issued a not-guilty plea.

The 42-year-old David DePape was indicted on charges of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon on Tuesday. He allegedly broke into the couple’s house early on Friday and then attacked Paul Pelosi, 82.

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According to court records, he had intended to kidnap Pelosi and break “her kneecaps” if she “lied” to him. Pelosi was out of the state at the time.

At the hearing on Tuesday, San Francisco Superior Court Judge Diane Northway refused to grant DePape bail.

Adam Lipson, the defendant’s attorney, claimed that while being arrested, his client dislocated his shoulder, as evidenced by the fact that his right arm was in a sling. He was afterward transferred from the hospital to the county jail.

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Paul Pelosi continues to be hospitalised. According to Nancy Pelosi, her husband is “making steady progress” through a protracted recuperation process.

DePape is facing charges from the state of California in addition to federal counts of assault and attempting to kidnap Nancy Pelosi. For the case, no court date has yet been scheduled.

The suspect’s attorney also entered a not-guilty plea on the defendant’s behalf to the following charges: elder abuse, burglary, false imprisonment, and threatening a public official.

According to the state allegations, the defendant may receive 13 years to life in prison and up to 50 years under federal counts.

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Although the motive is being looked into, authorities have stated that it was “not a random act.”

According to the justice department, the suspect was in possession of a roll of tape, white rope, a second hammer, and zip ties when he was taken into custody.

“Where is Nancy?” is what he reportedly yelled while inside the building while looking for the leading Democrat.

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He allegedly also advised investigators that Nancy Pelosi would have needed a wheelchair to attend Congress if she had been hurt, sending a message to other elected officials.

Nancy Pelosi, 82, was in Washington, DC, but she promptly returned to meet her husband recovering from successful surgery for a skull fracture and wounds to his hands and right arm. Pelosi has been married to the venture capitalist since 1963.