Firefighters are working to contain a massive third-alarm pallet fire near 35th Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road in Phoenix, Arizona on Thursday.

The cause of the fire is under investigation. “Firefighters are currently working a second alarm pallet fire near 35th Ave. and Lower Buckeye,” Phoenix Fire Capt. Todd Keller said, according to a report by Fox 10.

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“Firefighters are currently working a 3rd Alarm Pallet Fire near 35th Ave. & Lower Buckeye Rd, please avoid the area,” Phoenix Fire Department tweeted.

“Massive fire with explosions heard in south Phoenix. Firefighters say- early indication is: this is a scrapyard fire, with pallets burning near 35th Ave & Lower Buckeye,” a Twitter user said.

Another one noted that around 8 PM, crews responded to the structure fire.

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“A building to the east of the pallet yard has also caught fire. All nearby businesses, including a Circle K have been evacuated. Crews are currently hitting the fire from above in an effort to put out the blaze,” another social media user added.

Meanwhile, after 18 months of investigation, the cause of Colorado’s most destructive wildfire – December 2021 – was revealed. The Marshall Fire destroyed nearly 1,100 homes and left two people dead in the suburbs between Denver and Boulder. It also caused $2 billion worth of damage.

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Authorities on Thursday said that the fire actually started as two separate fires – one was from a burning pile, and another caused by a sparking power line. It spread quickly.

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“In the spring of 2021, we had significant precipitation which helped vegetation throughout the county grow thick and healthy and strong. But that was followed by months of hot, dry conditions, and all of that vegetation, including tall grasses, shrubs, and trees were extremely dry by December,” Sheriff Curtis Johnson in Boulder County said.