A man in his early 20s set himself on fire around 4 pm on Wednesday on Sproul Plaza, police and fire officials said. He sustained second-and third-degree burns over most of his body. He was admitted to the trauma center at Oakland’s Highland Hospital, according to the Berkeley Fire Department.

Authorities said the woman who tried to put the fire out was taken to a different hospital for minor burns. Another bystander who came to the man’s help was also treated for burns and released at the scene, reported Berkeleyside.

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Police at UK Berkeley are investigating the incident. Police officers responded to a report of a person on fire at 4:17 pm near the busy intersection of Bancroft Way and Telegraph Avenue.

A disturbing video shared by an unidentified viewer depicts a man setting himself ablaze outside the University of California campus. Students watched in horror and attempted to provide assistance as he walked around completely engulfed in flames.

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However, the identity and condition of the individual remain unclear at this moment. It is unknown whether or not the individual has any association with the university.

According to Fox3now, an employee at the US Student store located at Bancroft Way and Telegraph Avenue recounted hearing shouts and chaos emanating from Sproul Plaza as he returned from his break at approximately 4 pm.

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Upon rushing outside, he saw a man fully engulfed in flames. Despite the severity of his burns, the man appeared to be apathetic towards the flames and was shouting in the direction of the surrounding bystanders.

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Delacruz rushed back into the store to retrieve a fire extinguisher, but the time he overturned. Enrique Rojas, manager of Sandwich a Go-Go, situated across Bancroft Avenue, was already attempting to quell the flames.