Qatar is offering
COVID-19 vaccines to evacuees from Afghanistan, the foreign ministry of the country
said on Thursday. The evacuees are temporarily residing in the Gulf Arab state.

MoFA stated that
it had assisted in the evacuation of more than 40,000 individuals to Doha and
that it will continue to do so in the coming days. Those who do not immediately
move to another country will be given a PCR test and, if asked, the COVID-19
vaccination according to the government.

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Doha is temporarily
hosting “a large number of evacuees most of them students, families and
journalists”, the ministry informed.

Sheikh Mohammed bin
Abdulrahman bin Jassim Al Thani, Qatar’s foreign minister, had told Fox News on
Sunday that Qatar had accepted “full responsibility” for evacuating
Afghan civilians and foreigners from Afghanistan.

“We are taking the full responsibility for them
[evacuees], taking them to the airport and ensuring their safety throughout. We
are trying to facilitate for other countries who don’t have access to reach
people who are there on the ground,” stated the foreign minister in a televised
interview with an American broadcaster.

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The pressure to
accomplish the evacuation of thousands of foreigners and Afghans who assisted
Western countries throughout the 20-year battle against the Taliban has
increased, with all US and coalition soldiers expected to depart the airport
next week.

A senior Emirati
official told a press briefing on Thursday that the UAE had assisted in the
evacuation of 36,500 individuals, including 8,500 who arrived via its national
airlines or airports.

He said that the
UAE, in collaboration with the US, has established a transit hub and processing
centre in Abu Dhabi for refugees to go through health and security inspections
before proceeding to the US or a third country.

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Qatar and the US
have agreed to temporarily house 8,000 Afghan people in Qatar, while 5,000
would be housed in the UAE and Kuwait.