On Wednesday, a rally for subway chokehold suspect Daniel Penny descended into chaos and led to several arrests, when dozens of opposing protesters clashed with supporters of the former Marine.

Around 60 flag-waving supporters of Penny were brought to Collect Pond Park for the rally by Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman at around 11 a.m., according to police.

However, about 30 protesters brandishing signs that read “Justice for Jordan Neely” and yelling “Go back to Long Island” confronted the supporters.

According to Blakeman, he planned the rally to show his support for Penny, who is accused of manslaughter for allegedly choking Neely on a Manhattan F train on May 1. “[We’re] here to let the people of New York know that the prosecution of Daniel Penny is an outrage,” Blakeman told supporters. “It’s a miscarriage of justice, and this has been a problem that has existed in Manhattan since Alvin Bragg has been District Attorney.

“It’s not a problem in Staten Island. It’s not a problem in Queens. It’s not a problem in Brooklyn. It’s not a problem in the Bronx,” he said. “It’s a problem here in Manhattan with the Manhattan District Attorney. It’s not a problem with Mayor [Eric] Adams who wants this to be a safer city.

“Again, it’s somebody who should be the chief law enforcement officer in Manhattan but he puts the rights of criminals over those of law-abiding citizens and victims of crimes,” Blakeman said.

During the demonstration, several of the counter-protesters were arrested. Wednesday night, it was unclear how many people had been detained and whether or not charges had been brought.

The 24-year-old vigilante’s arrest in connection with Neely’s death has sparked controversy in the city. Supporters claim that Penny intervened to defend straphangers from an aggressive Neely, while opponents have criticized Penny’s actions as unnecessary and unjustified.