A video from the deadly shooting between rival biker gangs at a New Mexico motorcycle rally on Saturday, which left three people dead and five others injured, shows a scared woman running away and a motorist yelling “Get out of the way!”

The shooting in question, took place around 5 p.m. The footage shot by a motorist from inside a vehicle at the rally was obtained by TMZ. It showed a woman walking behind a pickup truck standing. The traffic was at a standstill and the woman was seen carefully peering around the side of the truck. As she moves away from the back of the pickup truck, the crackle of gunfire can be heard.

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A motorist repeatedly yells to her, “Get out of the way!” In another video, the aftermath of the shooting can be seen as a motorist from inside a vehicle films a rescue truck with lights flashing parked outside a building as bikers at the Red River Memorial Day Motorcycle Rally ride down the street.

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Red River Mayor Linda Calhoun told NBC News, “I can confirm 3 dead and 5 injured. One person died at the hospital.” Authorities have confirmed that the area has been secured and is no longer a threat to the public.

The five wounded in gunfire were being treated at hospitals. Their conditions and the extent of their injuries were not disclosed.

According to Calhoun, motorcycle gang members were likely involved in the bloodshed. It ended with several arrests.

Law enforcement has requested that local businesses around the area remain closed Sunday as they continue their investigation. The rally played host to “28,000 bikers from all different backgrounds.”