Republicans have begun asking for an FBI raid of Joe Biden after news emerged that several documents marked as classified were discovered in his private office at the Penn Biden Centre for Diplomacy and Global Engagement.

Author Clay Travis, a staunch Republican, has said on Twitter, “They just announced Joe Biden illegally kept classified documents from his vice-presidency in his possession. I’m old enough to remember when the media told me this was impossible. So much for that Trump indictment. Between Hillary and now Biden, this story is over.”

Investor Colin Rugg said, “BREAKING: Classified documents from Joe Biden’s vice presidency found at his private office. Why hasn’t the FBI raided Biden yet?”

Rugg, in another tweet, said, “Ted Cruz calls for a grand jury in response to classified documents being found at Joe Biden’s private office.” However, this news has not yet been verified.

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Donald Trump Jr., the former President’s son, has also hit out against Biden. In a tweet, the 45-year-old said, “We were told for months that this was treasonous… grounds for impeachment… & meriting the death penalty, yet I have a feeling nothing will happen!? U.S. attorney reviewing classified documents from Joe Biden’s vice presidency found at Biden think tank.”

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who was herself mired in controversy tonight after she used a song by Dr. Dre in a social media video without the musician’s permission, has said to The Post Millenial regarding the recent findings, “Merrick Garland and the Department of Justice, they have to be held accountable if they don’t treat Joe Biden exactly the same way they’re treating President Trump.”

Taylor Greene has also tweeted from her own Twitter account that this act is a “very serious crime.”

Joyce Alene, the former United States Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama has however said that this situation is different from that of the Mar-a-Lago raid since “they were found in an office setting, not in Biden’s home. Biden’s team immediately volunteered news of the discovery to the Archives & turned them over immediately. It’s apples to oranges.”