Ron DeSantis and Elon Musk’s Twitter Space, where the Florida governor was going to announce his run for the GOP Primaries and US Presidential Election, kept crashing. Several social media users complained.

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“Yes the Elon Musk Ron DeSantis Twitter space is crashing the Twitter app. It’s not just you, you’re welcome,” a Twitter user said.

“The Twitter Space with Elon Musk and Ron DeSantis was supposed to begin 15 mins ago, but there are technical issues because of the amount of people on the Space,” a second one added.

As the uncertain glitch happened at the announcement of the nomination, Twitter was embarked with a variety of reactions. 

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DeSantis, 44, filed his declaration of candidature with the Federal Election Commission ahead of a planned launch event on Twitter later that day with billionaire Elon Musk. The Twitter Space with DeSantis and Musk presence reported a glitch due to its high demand as the audience in high numbers were colluding, reportedly over 450,000 people were at once in space in the first 10 minutes of its inaugural.

Many users took a jibe at the instance, as several criticized it, calling it humiliation on an open platform. However, people took no time in making it a meme fest, as people took Donald Trump in the wave of memes.

One user posted a picture of Donald Trump with the caption, “Authorities have shared a picture of the hacker that crashed the Elon Musk hosted Ron DeSantis presidential announcement space”.

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However, people also circled Elon Musk, calling him incompetent, “Elon just botched his second launch in a row, as his Twitter space with Ron DeSantis couldn’t even start because “the servers kept crashing.” Just a surreal level of incompetence at every level.”