Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has made it to social media this time with a viral clip of him laughing, where he can be seen faking laughter. In the video, DeSantis can be seen laughing with a man while attending a classic car show in Iowa.

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Twitter users welcomed the viral video with a fair proportion of wit and humor, enjoying it at DeSantis’ expense. The video was recorded at a classic car show during a Feenstra Family Picnic in Iowa.

As reported, the politician asked how much the 1955 Porche he just saw was worth, to which the man replied, “Ugh, we won’t even talk about that,” which made DeSantis burst into laughter, making it a laughing riot.

Prior to this incident, images of DeSantis laughing with a mouth wide open went viral on social media. But this clip has released a string of jokes on Twitter, mocking the Florida politician.

Netizens made several memes of the clip, as one user commented, “Why does Ron DeSantis laughing look like someone trying to take a bite of a burger that is way too tall from too many toppings”, calling it hilarious.

While some took sarcasm pills and took a jibe at DeSantis, as one user tweeted, “This is Ron Desantis laughing after he signed some evil bill. You look at this and tell me hes human.”, while one user said, “So, here is a photo of Ron DeSantis laughing after he signed a bill that bans public colleges in the state from using funds on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs.”

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The clip of DeSantis laughing with potential voters went viral amid the anticipated assumption of him contesting the US presidential elections in 2024, as some consider him an ideal replacement for Donald Trump.