A shooting was reported at North Star Mall in San Antonio on Sunday afternoon. As the Gunfire took place several customers present at the mall rushed to find shelter. However, in the recent update on the case, police authorities have claimed that the shooting was a targeted incident, and the victim was the target.

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The San Antonio Police Department arrived on the scene at North Star Mall right away, at 3 p.m. They assured the public by making it clear that the incident was not a hostage situation involving an active shooter.

Police in a statement said, “There was a shooting, but this was an isolated incident with what appears to be a targeted victim.” After the incident, they have not closed the mall. However, some shops were closed as several customers rushed here and there to seek cover. They have also taped the crime scene for further investigation.

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Following the incident, the police officials acquired the video of the incident, as it can be seen customers running and hiding. The hectic scenario could be seen in the video, which appeared to be shot on the second floor. The precise site of the gunshot inside the mall is yet unknown, though.

Meanwhile, another shooting incident was reported in Chicago which left one dead and six injured in a memorial gathering which tragically turned into a horrific shooting.

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According to the police, the shooting occurred at a gathering in Chicago’s 4800 block of West Iowa Street to remember a person who had died in a vehicle accident four years before. Tragically, seven people were shot while attending this memorial service, bringing further sadness to an already depressing event.

The event shattered the neighborhood, and law enforcement officials are actively looking into the shooting to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice.