Comedian Sarah Silverman is facing huge backlash on the internet over a recent comedy gig in New Jersey. The show reportedly went ugly even before it started when an elderly black man was kicked out of the show. The man was protesting Silverman’s 15 year old blackface skit.

A video from the show is being shared widely, wherein we can see demonstrator, Michael B. Jackson, being asked to move to the balcony. The video cuts before things allegedly got physical.

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What Happened at Sarah Silverman’s Comedy Show?

According to the recent reports, 71-year-old Jackson bought front row tickets to Silverman’s February, 4th show. The show was happening at Ocean Resort Casino in Atlantic City. Jackson showed up to the venue with his face painted black with an intent to ‘peacefully’ protest the comedian.

The reasons behind the demonstration was Silverman’s 15 year old program where she performed in blackface. Jackson says 20 minutes into Sarah’s opening act, comic Rory Albanese decided to interfere. He claims Albanese incited the crown, insulted, and bullied him. Subsequently, the security was drawn in to toss him out. However, some sources also claimed that it was Jackson who started heckling and getting physical. He was given a warning but things didn’t end up well.

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Ultimately, a bunch of security guards were called in and told Jackson to move to the balcony seat. He refused to move and pulled out his phone to record the interaction. The video was cut before things got worse. Jackson was reportedly attacked by the guards and forcibly removed from his seat. Moreover, the guards also went ahead and dropped him facedown on the floor to handcuff him, as per Jackson’s claims.

Casino has replied on the incident saying Jackson “presented himself as offensive”. They also defended their right to relocate or remove him. A representative from casino reported that Jackson only requested medical attention for anxiety.

There has been no update on Silverman’s reaction to the fiasco.