Oakland University police are searching for two suspects who fled from a car that crashed on southbound I-75. The police have asked the university students to stay indoors for their safety and to prevent any interference with the search.

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The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office told WXYZ (ABC Detroit) that the situation started when officers pursued four stolen vehicles in Genesse County before the crash. They believe that the suspects may be armed. Multiple state agencies are involved in the search and a canine helicopter was also made active to assist with the situation.

“Two armed suspects were spotted on East Campus and are being pursued by area law enforcement agencies,” Oakland University said on its official website. 

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“All campus community members living on or near campus are advised to stay indoors until further notice. The suspects were pursued from Grand Blanc Township near an auto dealership after shots were fired. Police believe suspects are in or around Meadow Brook Amphitheatre,” they said.  

The southbound I-75 ramp to Joslyn Road has been closed down due to the search, reports say.

Later, the search was abandoned and police told Oakland officials that the suspects have left the campus. Accordingly, Oakland put out a statement. 

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“The OUPD has issued an all-clear message with regards to the search for two armed suspects on campus. Police are confident that the suspects have left campus. Campus community members are free to move about campus,” the statement said.

“The university has updated a delayed start to classes and all other campus activities until noon,” it added.