, the Ukrainian president, is not taking Russia’s nuclear threats
lightly. Speaking to Ukraine’s media, the president, who has led the defence
against Moscow’s invasion from the front, said that the world should prepare for
use of nuclear weapons by Russia. “We shouldn’t wait for the moment when Russia
decides to use nuclear weapons,” he said.

Laying out the
plan to defend against a potential nuclear attack, the Ukrainian president said
that air-radiation medicine and air-raid shelters will be required.

Zelensky’s focus
on preparedness echoes the apprehensions of CIA director William Burns. Burns,
who leads US’ premier intelligence agency, said that Russian President Vladimir
may deploy a “tactical or low-yield nuclear weapon.”

The focus on
defending against nukes comes after Moscow placed its nuclear forces on “high-alert”.
The United States, however, says that it not seen signs of nuclear movement

Dmitry Peskov, a
spokesperson for the Kremlin, said that a nuclear weapon could be used in case
of an “existential threat” against Russia, in an interview to CNN. Russia’s
military doctrine allows the use of a small nuclear weapon to gain the upper
hand in its war efforts.

Volodymyr Zelensky,
speaking to CNN, said the Russians could very well use chemical weapons against
Ukraine. “We should not be afraid, not be afraid, but be ready. But that is not
a question for Ukraine, not only for Ukraine but for all the world, I think.”

Meanwhile, Russia
has warned of “unpredictable consequences” after the United States offered aid
to Ukraine
in the form of 155 mm long-range artillery and Switchblade drones.

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The threat of a
nuclear catastrophe has consistently been part of concerns in course of the Russian
invasion of Ukraine. In the very early days of the “special military operation,”
Russian forces attacked the defunct Chernobyl nuclear plant raising fears of a
nuclear accident. Moscow troops had also fired at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant.  

The CIA director,
citing the US President said, Joe Biden is deeply concerned about avoiding a threshold
“in which nuclear conflict becomes possible.”

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The threat of
nuclear-use has become more apparent since two Ukrainian Neptune missiles sunk
a Russian war ship in the Black Sea. Military experts say the sinking of the
war ship was significant if not a decisive blow to Russia. There is speculation
that an incident of the sort could trigger a “Broken Arrow” incident – US military
slag for potentially lethal accidents involving nuclear weapons.