The anchors of Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update
addressed a variety of topics tonight, including Barack Obama’s joke at the
expense of Vice President Joe Biden, Will Smith‘s resignation from the Film
Academy, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Grammys speech.

Former President Barack Obama returned to the White House
this week for the first time in five years, and playfully referred to Joe
Biden as ‘Vice President.’ “Hey Barack,” he deadpanned, “don’t
confuse him.”

Even if the rest of Saturday Night Live has moved on from
The Slap, ‘Weekend Update’ couldn’t resist a few more jabs now that Will Smith
has been barred from attending the Oscars for the next ten years.

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According to Jost, Smith has been barred from attending the
Oscars for the next ten years as a result of hitting Chris Rock at this year’s
ceremony. “But is that a punishment?” he questioned.  “He can still
be nominated and win an award. He can even go to the afterparty. He just
doesn’t have to attend the four-hour ceremony where someone is definitely going
to make fun of his wife again.”

A meaningful punishment, according to Jost, who co-hosted
the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards alongside Che, would be to make Smith present
the Oscars next year. “Because trust me,” he explained. “Nothing
will make you question your choices in life more than hosting an award
show.” And who would know that better than Colin Jost and Michael Che, who are
comedians themselves, and regularly host shows. The sentiment probably comes
from their experience as a host at one of the Emmys.

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Jost also brought up Zelenskyy’s televised remarks at the
Grammy Awards on Sunday. He commented, “It was a heartfelt and impassioned
plea to help the people of Ukraine, but missed an opportunity for a
legendary G.I. Jane joke.”

In a thrilling turn of events, Jake Gyllenhaal returns to
host for the first time in 15 years.