After ProPublica accused Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of accepting expensive gifts and going on luxurious all-paid trips with billionaire real estate magnate Harlan Crow, who is also a well-known GOP megadonor, a liberal SCOTUS Justice Sonia Sotomayor has been accused of making over $3 million in book deals with Penguin Random House and not recusing herself from cases involving the publisher.

According to a Daily Wire report, Sotomayor declined to recuse herself from multiple copyright infringement cases involving the book publisher, after having sold her book rights to them and making a profit. In those cases, Penguin reportedly stood to lose money.

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In one of the cases, Aaron Greenspan v. Random House, back in 2013, Sotomayor voted in a decision on whether the court should hear a case against the publisher. While her colleague Justice Stephen Breyer recused himself after receiving money from the publisher, Sotomayor chose not to. Similarly, there were other cases in which Sotomayor was involved, related to Penguin, where she chose not to recuse herself.

According to a Daily Wire tally of financial disclosures, Sotomayor received $3.6 million from Penguin Random House or its subsidiaries, starting from 2010 and all through 2017.

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Incidentally, the Daily Wire report was published the same day as a new ProPublica report claimed that Justice Thomas’s grandnephew attended a private school, whose tuition fee — to the tune of $6000 — amongst other school costs was paid by Crow. Thomas has neither disclosed these payments to the public nor recused himself from the cases involving Crow’s company as and when they were presented in front of the Supreme Court. Sotomayor, has, however, disclosed the payments she received from Penguin.

Ever since the two reports came out, there have been numerous debates going on, on social media comparing the two instances, one involving conservative justice and another a liberal.

Here are a few reactions from the right-wing supporters, claiming Sotomayor should be held responsible for the payments:

However, there are people also from left-wing supporters claiming that the two cases are not the same. Here are some reactions: