In light of the tragic shooting in Nashville, several trans activists are urging a halt to alleged conservative and radical religious schools. These activists are seeking to shift the blame away from the transgender shooter, 28-year-old Audrey Hale.

Eli Erlick, a trans activist who recently bragged about giving children cross-sex hormones, shared screenshots of an article consisting of fake allegations of abuse at Nashville’s Covenant Presbyterian Church in 2013.

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The church has ties to Nashville’s Covenant School. Due to this, Erlick called the school where Hale killed three nine-year-olds and three adults “a right-wing institution” and asserted without providing any proof that the shooter had “been abused” there with “many others.”

Another trans activist, Veronica “Nikatine” Ripley, retweeted the original message and denounced “conservatives’ love affair” with such establishments.

Yet no evidence of Hale being mistreated has yet surfaced. According to the police, Hale most likely harbored “resentment for having to go to that school” and that the vicious attack was “targeted.”

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Erlick tweeted without evidence, “As we learn more, It’s clear the Nashville Covenant School is a right-wing institution in which Audrey Hale and many others were abused. Obviously, this isn’t an excuse to attack it. But there are problems with deregulating religious schools + the US’s lack of mental healthcare.”

Eli Erlick came under a lot of scrutiny after the unproven accusations, with a lot of social media users asking her to provide verified evidence for her claims. One user on Twitter commented, “Eli Erlick being an absolute piece of shit as well. It’s weird how none of yall ever look into any of the other schools that get shot up. Only now when it’s someone on your side do you look into it to try to justify why they would do something like that. In conclusion, fuck you :).” 

Another user tweeted, “Trying to find an excuse for a murderer? Yes lets say something happened to this person while attempting that school(which by the way was proven she only targeted because of lower security). But why kill innocent children? Go ahead ill wait.”

Later, Erlick tried to justify his comments and put on a new tweet replying to the articles about him.

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However, the damage was done by then. There were already many reactions from people who advocated against Erlick’s comments. Here are a few of them: