There are some things science still can’t answer. Whether that’s the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, the explanation behind paranormal occurrences, or whether ‘Die Hard’ is a Christmas film. Even after 33 years of its release, Bruce Willis’ Die Hard continues to be hotly debated by fans and naysayers on classifying it a Christmas movie. To solve this global conundrum, Fox News decided to go to Rockefeller Center to ask Christmas shoppers: Is “Die Hard” a Christmas movie?

 The responses weren’t black and white. While some fans strongly agreed and called it a Christmas film, others called it a basic action movie that doesn’t particularly have a lot to do with Christmas. Some were confused, and some strongly saw the Christmas potential in it.

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The debate ensues, as many argue that the film’s storyline was based around a Christmas eve party. In the 1988 movie, Bruce Willis plays the role of a NYPD cop named John McClane, who fights terrorists who have ambushed a Christmas Eve party in Nakatomi Plaza, Los Angeles. John finally saves the hostages, including his estranged wife.

Some fans call it a suitable Christmas movie to watch during the holidays due to the fact that the plot revolved around a Christmas Eve party. As a woman interviewee agreed that she likes to watch the film during Christmas, her husband quickly disagreed, calling the film an action movie. The ones who couldn’t pick a side called the film an amalgamation of comedy, action and Christmas.

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For the doubtful ones, Jimmy, an interviewee, confidently asked the skeptics to think again, because it surely is a Christmas movie, according to him.

Since there’s no right or wrong answer to this debate, it is for you to decide what to think of Die Hard. We think every movie is a Christmas movie if watched with a holiday spirit with friends and family.