A plane crashed into a house in Lyon Township, west of Detroit, in the US state of Michigan on Saturday and exploded into flames with three confirmed fatalities Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.  

Sheriff Mike Bouchard said the three people are believed to be the pilot and occupants of the plane.

Meanwhile, a family of five inside the home were able to make it out. However, the family said their cat did not survive.

The crash happened at about 3.30 pm local time.

The horrifying video posted on Twitter shows the scorched aircraft on the ground next to the house, which also caught fire and was “fully engulfed.”

Firefighters urged residents to stay away from the crash site – not far from Oakland Southwest Airport – calling it an “active incident” with paramedics and police also on scene.

As per the Mirror reports, a spokesperson for Lyon Township Fire Department (LTFD) said: “LTFD is responding to a plane that crashed into a house and is on fire.

“This is an active incident with multiple agencies responding, please avoid the area if you see the location.”

In the footage circulating on social media, firefighters are seen spraying water as the wreckage and detached house continue to burn.

Smoke is seen pouring from the house.

A post on the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page stated: “We have confirmed there are three fatalities at the scene believed to be the occupants and pilot of the plane.

“The residence is fully engulfed.

“All residents are reported to be out of the home.

“Information is not available on occupants of the plane or type of plane at this time.

“The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has been contacted.”