The Real CacaGirl, a social media celebrity, and her partner Julian’s personal video have been posted online. Since then, online users have used social media to criticise one another for sharing pornographic films. The couple is best known for their Tiktok videos.

Over 1.1 million people follow Cacagirl on the video-sharing website. Her writing focuses primarily on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She frequently posts content from her brand collaborations and PR packages. Her partner Julian occasionally makes an appearance in her videos.

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The influencer has recently become popular on social media for troubling reasons. The internet is flooded with a video of CacaGirl and her boyfriend having a private moment together. The identical trended on Twitter and Discord.

The online celebrity seemed at ease with the camera positioned in front of her. It’s still unclear, though, whether she approved of the footage being shared on social media.

When this post was written, the influencer had not responded to the video leak. Furthermore, it is yet uncertain if the perpetrator of the video leak has been apprehended.

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The video’s appearance online caused a huge uproar among internet users. Nobody wants any explicit video to dominate their search results. However, the fact that the influencer was a kid simply added to the jaded feeling among online users. Internet users were horrified to discover a private film of 15 to 16-year-olds being shared online. Many condemned individuals who were spreading the video by branding them, pedophiles.

Melanie is The Real CacaGirl’s birth name. She is dating Julian, another online personality who goes by the TikTok handle @notjay12. Unlike his girlfriend, he does not have a large fan base. However, he has 540k respectable followers. He posted his first video to the website for sharing videos in February 2022, in which he posed with his partner.

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His girlfriend appears in the majority of his content. On occasion, he does post videos of himself alone doing mundane activities. The couple’s YouTube channel is called Julian and Melanie. They have only three videos. In their most recent video, they answered fan questions. They also revealed their age: 15 years old.

The account now has almost 6.5k followers. They also stated in the aforementioned video that they believe the ideal age to marry is between the ages of 24 and 25. In the 10-minute video, they also revealed the first thing they noticed about each other when they first met.