Parts of Western Wisconsin, including prominent areas like Buffalo, Pierce and Pepin have been presented with a Tornado watch by the National Weather Service, which is likely to last till the evening of March 19, amid a wave of severe weather conditions hitting different parts of the US with varying consequences, reported WQOW. 

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In the Northern state of Minnesota, a total of 14 counties have been issued similar Tornado watches, including Dodge, Mower and Steele. Mower is expected to remain under the issued wind advisory till noon on Thursday, reported Austin Herald. 

According to reports released by the Austin Herald, the National Weather Service said that the possibility of thunderstorms and showers in the areas stands at 50%. 

A substantial hail, isolated tornados and severe winds can be expected in South Western Wisconsin as the weather conditions are favourable for taking a dangerous turn. 

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Moreover, the areas which have been issued with the warnings have wet and soft grounds which make them vulnerable to speedy winds, putting cars, power lines and other forms of infrastructure under a significant threat, reported WQOW.