An earthquake of 6.4 magnitude has been reported in Humboldt County, California. The United States Geological Survey has also reported that about a dozen aftershocks were felt in or near the area, which recorded magnitudes as high as 4.6.

A number of Californians who felt the earthquake have posted chilling videos of the same on social media. Check out some of them right here:

While posting the video of the damage done to her home by the earthquake, a Twitter user said, “Our home is a 140-year-old Victorian. The north/south shaking is very evident in what fell. This was our coffee station. Sorry for dark video. Power still out.”

Here is a picture of the mess left by the earthquake a Twitter user has posted:

Journalist Austin Castro has posted pictures of the damages the earthquake has caused. In the pictures, one can clearly see the damage to the roads caused by the earthquake. He also reports that “Main road to Ferndale currently closed off by CalTrans as crews inspect for additional damage.”