US President Donald Trump might have ‘blessed’ Oracle-TikTok contract, but that doesn’t mean the President has forgotten his share of the deal.

Addressing a campaign rally in North Carolina, the President said that a $5 billion commitment from the companies will be donated to the education fund to teach the children about the “real history” of the United States.

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Trump said that he had asked the companies to do him a favour by donating $5 billion into a fund for education to teach the children ‘real history of US.’ “That’ll be great. That’s their contribution that I’ve been asking for,” he added.

Last month, the President had advised the US Treasury to demand a “very substantial amount of money” from a potential TikTok sale, though he quickly walked back the claim after learning that it does not fall under the authority of the federal government.

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President Trump on Friday had signed an executive order to constitute a “national commission to promote patriotic education” in the US.

He also slammed the 1619 project of NewYork Times, a Pulitzer Prize-winning collection of essays on African American history of the past four centuries and said that it is filled with, “deceptions, falsehoods, and lies.”