Tucker Carlson, a former host for Fox News, was accused of violating his contract by starting a new show on Twitter. A potential legal dispute between the cable news behemoth and one of the most prominent figures in conservative media has been sparked by the network’s contention in a letter that Carlson’s new show, the first episode of which debuted on Tuesday, violates his contract.

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In accordance with the terms of the Agreement, Carlson is ‘prohibited from rendering services of any type whatsoever, whether ‘over the internet via streaming or similar distribution, or other digital distribution whether now known or hereafter devised.’

Fox News lawyers allegedly filed formal writing to Carlson’s legal team alleging that the newsreader was “in breach” of his contract when he broadcast his new Twitter show Tuesday night, which was already being watched by more than 90 million people.

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Tucker debuted the first episode of his highly anticipated 10-minute Twitter show on Tuesday night. The brief video, which included a “Tucker on Twitter” logo, has received 199k retweets, 657k likes, and 81 million views to date, and counting. Some said that a million more views had already been added by the time they had finished viewing.

Days after the network paid Dominion Voting Systems $787.5 million to settle a slander case, Tucker Carlson was abruptly let go from the channel. According to numerous publications, his dismissal was related to remarks Carlson made that were uncovered during that case as well as accusations made against him and his program in a different ongoing lawsuit. Carlson hired high-powered attorney Bryan Freedman to negotiate his exit from Fox.

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For Fox’s threat of legal action, Freedman answered by saying: “Fox defends its very existence on freedom of speech grounds. Now they want to take Tucker Carlson’s right to speak freely away from him because he took to social media to share his thoughts on current events.”