A tweet about an “enhanced level” of security against
terrorist threats at a US airport has gone viral on social media. The picture
depicts a self-check-in counter at which a built-in system asks, “Are you
a terrorist?” It also gives you two choices: “yes” or “no.”

Commuters can easily get details on flights and other information
via kiosks and plasma screens located throughout domestic and international

Nowadays, boarding permits can be printed quickly and efficiently
without having to deal with anyone at the counter. They can do so by simply
using a kiosk that prints tickets and provides other vital information such as
departure/arrival times and delay alerts.

As part of the security process, several airports use screen
devices that ask certain questions to passengers. However, a photo of a strange
inquiry that appeared on the screen of a kiosk at a US airport recently sent
the Internet into a frenzy of jokes.

Asaad Sam Hanna, a freelance journalist, shared the snapshot on
Twitter with the caption, “Advanced level of security at the US airport”.

In a follow-up tweet,  Hanna added, “Next level: Just be
honest, dude.”

The incident drew a lot of laughs from social media users who
wondered how asking this question helped with airport security.

Over 2,300 people have liked Hanna’s tweet. Other people have also
tweeted the image.

Users on social media speculated whether the question was added to
the system by the airport administration or if it was the work of a prankster.

“A third option should be available: “Yes”
“No,” “It’s complicated,” “It’s complicated,”
“It’s complicated,” “It’s complicated “someone remarked.

A similar but more serious incident drew attention when a UK visa
scheme asked a 4-year-old Ukrainian citizen, “Are you a terrorist?”

The British wife of the Ukrainian-born man said the UK’s visa
scheme “completely took away the humanity” of her relatives escaping the war.
The government issued a comment saying it had streamlined the scheme, but
security checks were vital.