Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, won her party’s nomination for Arizona’s governor elections in November. She is likely to face Karrin Taylor Robson, who is projected to win the Republican nomination against Donald Trump-endorsed Kari Lake.

Hobbs, 52, currently holds the office of Arizona’s Secretary of State. She secured more than 310,000 votes in Tuesday’s primary election, beating other Democratic candidates with a margin of more than 220,000 votes.

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Hours before voting, Hobbs clarified her promises on her social media handles. “As Governor I will protect access to safe and legal abortion, address the rising cost of living and create a more inclusive Arizona.”

She defeated Marco Lopez and Aaron Lieberman, who could collectively get roughly 120,000 votes in the primary elections.  The Republican side, however, is highly competitive.

Kari Lake, a far-right politician who says the 2020 elections were rigged, was expected to be the frontrunner. She also received a late endorsement from former US President Donald Trump, which has been a game changer in previous elections.

As the midterm primary season enters its final stretch this month, the Arizona races are poised to provide important clues about the GOP’s direction, news agency AP reported.

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Victories by Trump-backed candidates could provide the former president with allies who hold sway over the administration of elections as he considers another bid for the White House in 2024. Defeats, however, might suggest openness in the party to a different path forward.

The contests are especially salient in Arizona, a longtime Republican stronghold that has become more favorable to Democrats in recent years because of explosive growth in and around Phoenix. The primary and the fall election will provide insight into whether Biden’s success here in 2020 was a one-time event or the onset of a long-term shift away from the GOP.