An 18-year-old boy identified as Cameron Robbins jumped off the Blackbeard’s sunset cruise ship near Athol Island, Bahamas on Wednesday. Robbins was celebrating his high school graduation and jumped off the boat for a dare.

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A video of the incident went viral where a shadowy, image captured in waters surrounding Cameron Robbins, a Louisiana baseball star jumped off a party, and the US coast guard was called off the search after two days.

There are anticipations of Robbins being seen swimming in the water while a life preserver is thrown to him and classmates tell him to grab on. However, the adolescent appears to be fixated on a shadowy shape that appears in the water and immediately begins swimming away.

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The video has sparked online speculation that Robbins died after being attacked by a shark. People have claimed that they can see a shark in the video.

As the video went viral, many social media users shared their opinions on the platform. One user reacting to the website wrote, “The video doesn’t lie, he was attacked by a shark and taken under.”

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According to witnesses, Robbins jumped overboard from the Blackbeard’s Revenge sunset cruise ship at 11.30 p.m. on a dare.

US Coast Guard in a statement said, “Our Coast Guard command center and aircrews based in Miami supported RBDF search and rescue efforts since the initial report Wednesday evening, and continued through Friday evening”.

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Commodore Raymond King in a statement said, “The probability of survival decreases significantly particularly if a person did not have on a life vest and particularly if a person is perceived to be intoxicated. 

‘I can tell you that area where an individual reportedly jumped over, it’s an area that is really shark-infested as well. It is so unfortunate but I don’t want the family to lose hope.”