The $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure proposal was passed by the Senate on Tuesday afternoon. The bill passed by a vote of 69 to 30 and now goes to the House of Representatives for approval.

West Virginia will benefit from the infrastructure bill since it funds a variety of projects, including:

  • Broadband:

West Virginia will receive a minimum of $100 million to assist improve broadband coverage across the state, including access to at least 258,000 West Virginians. 

The Affordability Connectivity Benefit, which will assist low-income families in order for them to afford internet service, would be available to 543,000 West Virginians, or 31% of the population, under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. 

  • Roads and Bridges: 

Based solely on formula financing, West Virginia should receive $3 billion in federal roadway apportionment programmes and $506 million in bridge maintenance and rehabilitation over the next five years.

West Virginia can also compete for the $12.5 billion Bridge Investment Program, which finances bridges that seem to be commercially significant.

The measure includes over $16 billion in national financing for big projects that will provide significant economic benefits to localities.

  • Public Transportation:

Under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, West Virginia is expected to receive $196 million over five years in formula financing to expand public transportation choices around the state.

“Our bipartisan bill will help West Virginia, and every other state in the nation, address the infrastructure needs of our nation while creating good-paying jobs and growing the economy. This type of investment hasn’t been made in three decades. And today, the Senate passed our bipartisan legislation to help America compete in the 21st century,” Senator Joe Manchin said.

“This success proves to the nation, and the entire world, that Congress is not broken, and when we create compromise together, by reaching across the aisle and forging true relationships, we can accomplish big things. I have always said that the best politics is good government, and I am incredibly proud of my bipartisan colleagues for their tireless efforts to get this across the finish line and deliver on this major investment in the needs of America,” Manchin added.