In the wake of the school shooting in Nashville on Monday, March 27, that claimed the lives of six, an Alabama entrepreneur has come up with a technological solution that he claims can help students and staff at schools to make a bullet-proof safe room in the event a mass shooter strikes.

Kevin Thomas, an entrepreneur from Alabama, is advocating using what he calls the ‘Rapid Access Safe Rooms’ – a product his company KT Solutions sells.

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What are Rapid Access Safe Rooms?

Rapid access safe rooms are embedded inside classrooms and contain four bullet-proof foldable walls. They can be embedded inside classrooms and normally would come across as white walls that can be used for projections or as whiteboards. However, in the event a school falls prey to a mass shooter, staff and students can easily unfold the walls and turn them into a safe compartment to take shelter.

Thomas says that the walls are ‘impenetrable’. He claims in an interview that they are good enough to be used by the military and the government, but there is no use case to show their effectiveness.

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With people over the age of 21 allowed to keep loaded handguns and carry them publicly without a permit, no wonder that the shooter- 28-year-old Audrey Hale, who also went by the name Aiden, managed to legally accumulate the guns they used to shoot dead three students, including a 9-year-old, as well as three adult staff members at The Covenant School in Green Hills, Nashville. Hale was also shot dead by a responding police officer at the scene.

As has been reported extensively already, Hale drove to the school where they were a student in childhood and entered carrying a handgun, an assault-style rifle along with an assault-style pistol. While five victims died after they were taken to the hospital, one did so at the scene. According to reports, a police officer also sustained injuries from a broken glass.