A sonic boom was experienced in Washington D.C. on Sunday. According to the Annapolis Maryland Office of Emergency Management, the sound was a result of an authorized flight by the Pentagon.

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Several residents in the US capital reported hearing a loud boom that echoed across a wide area during the afternoon. However, both the fire department and homeland security officials in Washington stated that they had received no reports of any incidents associated with the sonic boom.

A spokesperson from the fire department stated in a statement that there were no reported ongoing or active issues at the time.

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Homeland Security and Emergency Management in Washington, D.C., took to Twitter to reassure the public that there was no threat at the time.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said that a Cessna aircraft was said to have crashed into rugged terrain in southwest Virginia at the same time that the capital experienced a sonic boom.

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As the news surfaced on the internet, several users reported the incident on Twitter and fumed multiple rumors. One user reacting to the incident wrote, “Was a plane targeting Washington DC in a terror attack? Military Shoots down plane. Sonic Boom heard.”

“Don’t wanna sound like a conspiracy theorist. But I don’t think that sonic boom was part of an “exercise.” It would be really odd that both of these incidents just happened to coincide with one another.”, another user tweeted.

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Another user tweeted, “Was that a sonic boom or a plane crash?! Thought something had hit the car. Was confused AF.”