On January 9, 2023, Kyle Doan, age 5, was lost in the surging floodwaters close to San Miguel, California.

Since the day the increasing flood waters took the kindergartener in, he has been missing. The search for the youngster started on Monday but was suspended after only five hours because of the bad weather.

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The search operations had to get back up on Tuesday, according to a news statement from the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office. It also notes that because of the rising water, it is challenging for the rescuers to carry out their work.

Authorities said that Kyle Doan, a young man, is being sought by the entire town of San Miguel. Doan was present when the incident occurred with his mother, Lindsy. According to reports, onlookers saved the mother.

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What happened to Kyle Doan?

On January 9, 2023, near San Miguel, California, a car became engulfed in raging floodwaters, resulting in a tragic accident.  5-year-old Kyle was in the car with his mother at the time. He was on his way to school with his mother, Lindsy Doan, when their car was pulled into the water around 7.45 a.m. local time.

Lindsy was successfully pulled from the vehicle by bystanders. On the other hand, Kyle Doan Doan, on the other hand, was unable to be saved and began to float downstream. Authorities believe he may have swum into a nearby river. There were no road closures in the area when the tragic incident occurred.

Kyle was given as standing 4 feet tall and weighed about 52 pounds. Kyle was last seen wearing a black puffer jacket with a crimson inside lining. He was also wearing blue jeans and grey and blue Nike tennis shoes.

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According to People magazine, Kyle Doan’s mother works as a teacher at Lilian Larsen Elementary School. When the school reopens, a crisis team of counselors on campus will provide aid and support to students and staff. Grandoli also stated that the school is expected to open on Wednesday.

Authorities stated that Kyle Doan’s family is still looking for him and praying for his safe return. One of Kyle’s shoes has been recovered by firefighters. However, they have yet to locate the child.