The release of the documentary “What is a Woman?” and its subsequent fallout on Twitter unfolded in a series of events that created significant controversy and led to resignations within the company.

Sponsorship Deal

The timeline began with Jeremy Boreing of The Daily Wire sharing details of a potential sponsorship deal with Elon Musk’s company that had gone awry. The conservative media outlet intended to promote the documentary by Matt Walsh in a tweet, but Twitter backed out of the deal, citing concerns about the film’s potential violation of their “hateful conduct” policies.

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The Backlash

In response to the backlash from right-wing users who saw Musk as an ally, the Twitter owner blamed his employees for the mistake, promising to address the issue. However, the film’s visibility remained limited on the platform, and users were unable to retweet or reply to the tweet.


The controversy deepened as resignations within Twitter occurred. Head of trust and safety Ella Irwin, along with other employees such as Maie Aiyed and A.J. Brown, left the company. Their departures coincided with the ongoing backlash surrounding the film and Twitter’s handling of the situation.

Musk’s U-turn

Eventually, the limited reach and visibility label on The Daily Wire’s tweet were removed, and Musk himself promoted the video, garnering significant attention. The tweet received millions of views, and Musk’s endorsement was celebrated by right-wing Twitter users.

However, questions persisted about Twitter’s decision-making process and the influence of advertisers on content visibility and policies.

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The timeline highlights the tensions between Twitter, its employees, and its owner, Elon Musk. It also sheds light on the complex dynamics between social media platforms, content creators, and advertiser concerns. The resignations within Twitter further emphasized the internal turmoil sparked by the controversy. As the dust settles, the aftermath of this episode raises important discussions about freedom of speech, platform policies, and the power dynamics within social media ecosystems.