Athena Strand’s body was recovered from Boyd, Texas on Friday evening. The news comes after Strand was reported missing days earlier. Local law enforcement directed a search to find Strand, who was suspected to be kidnapped. An Amber alert was issued Thursday afternoon.

The suspect has been identified as Tanner Lynn Horner, a 31-year old FedEx driver who allegedly kidnapped Strand while making a delivery to her house on Wednesday. 

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Strand’s stepmother was the only adult present at their residence when the kidnapping took place, according to Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin. Her father had reportedly gone for a deer hunting trip at the time of the crime. 

Who are Athena Strand’s parents?

It was Strand’s stepmother who reported her missing on November 30, 2022. 

Strand was reportedly in Texas to visit her father and stepmother, after her birth mother, Maitlyn Gandy allowed her to spend the fall semester with them. She lives in southern Oklahoma. Gandy bears sole custody of her daughter and she drove from Oklahoma to Texas upon hearing the news of Strand’s disappearance. 

Strand’s stepmother reportedly told the authorities that the moment she found Strand missing was when she went to her room later in the evening that fateful day. She reported her missing to the authorities after searching for her for an hour. The speculation by them was that Strand walked away from home and got lost. 

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However her relatives noted that Strand particularly feared the dark, so they refuse to believe in the claims. “We definitely don’t believe Athena ran off,” said Keeland Kulbeth, Strand’s aunt. 

Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin, in the press conference where he disclosed the recovery of Strand’s body revealed that her parent’s cooperated in the investigation. 

The identity of Strand father and stepmother has not been disclosed yet.