Judy Farrell, the American actress who played Nurse Able in the iconic TV show MAS*H,passed away on 4th April 2023. She was a talented actress, comedian, and voice artist with a career spanning several decades. However, what some people might not know is that she was also married twice in her life, to Joe Bratcher and Mike Farrell.

Who was Mike Farrell?

Farrell was first married to Mike Farrell, the actor who played B.J. Hunnicutt in MAS*H, from 1963 to 1983. The couple had two children together, Michael and Erin. Mike and Judy were both active in political activism and social justice causes. In fact, they first met at a political rally in Hollywood, and it was love at first sight. They were married soon after and enjoyed a happy marriage for several years.

However, despite their long-standing relationship, Mike and Judy Farrell divorced in 1983. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Mike stated that the couple grew apart and that the divorce was amicable. Despite their separation, they remained close friends, and Mike continued to support Judy throughout her life and career.

Who was Joe Bratcher?

Following her divorce from Mike, Judy Farrell married Joe Bratcher, a businessman, in 1986. The couple had been together for several years before tying the knot. Bratcher was a successful businessman with interests in several industries, including the film industry. The couple enjoyed a happy and private life together and remained married until Judy’s passing.

Despite their differing backgrounds, both of Judy’s husbands were supportive of her career and her activism. Mike Farrell, in particular, was known for his support of liberal causes and social justice movements. After the end of MAS*H, he continued to act in several TV shows and movies, including Providence, Desperate Housewives, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

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Joe Bratcher, on the other hand, was more involved in the business world. He worked in several industries, including real estate and film production. Despite his focus on business, he was a supportive partner to Judy and encouraged her to pursue her passions and interests.

In conclusion, Judy Farrell was a talented actress and comedian who lived a rich and fulfilling life. She was married twice in her life, first to Mike Farrell, her co-star on MAS*H, and later to businessman Joe Bratcher. While her marriages and personal life were private, both of her husbands were supportive of her career and her activism. Her passing is a loss to the entertainment industry and to all those who knew and loved her.