Jordan Douglas Krah, who has been arrested for spewing racist and homophobic remarks to a woman and her friend at a San Ramon In-N-Out on Christmas Eve, also racially abused and used an obscene hand gesture against another Asian-American woman on Christmas.

Abigail Halili and her siblings were in Danville on Christmas morning when they were met with an abrasive encounter. “We heard a guy parked in his car yelling from his window saying keep walking you need to get away from that store, ‘you’ve been the people vandalizing and robbing theses shops,'” said Halili.

Krah, a Denver resident was booked into the Contra Costa County Jail in Martinez, California.

Who is Abigail Halili?

Abigail Halili and her siblings were peeking into a store in Danville, California on Christmas when Krah was driving a silver Mustang with a Florida license plate in the area. The siblings are of Filipino descent. They did not know Krah.

Krah called Halili and her sibling “Filipino idiot”, she told KTVU. The taunts quickly turned racist in nature and also included an obscene hand gesture. “We didn’t know what to do and he kept going on and on saying ‘you’re Filipino idiots. You probably sell cocaine. You’re dealers,'” said Halili.

After that incident, Halili came to discover that she and her siblings were not the only Asian Americans in the East Bay to be targeted by Krah. 

He has also unleashed racist language and threats against another Asian American woman, Arine Kim, and her friend who were enjoying a meal at an In-N-Out Burger in San Ramon, California

The interaction was caught on video where the aggressor also spewed homophobic remarks as Kim and her friend were filming themselves on TikTok while tasting menu items at In-N-Out.

“I want people to learn hate crimes against Asian Americans is a very real thing,” said Halili. “It makes me feel safe that people are starting to take these crimes seriously.”