Elon Musk was trolled last night across the street from Twitter‘s San Francisco headquarters by someone who projected a news-ticker style message in which he was referred to as “space Karen,” “bankruptcy baby,” and “mediocre manchild,” among other insults.

Crowds gathered outside the firm’s Market Street headquarters to watch the projection.

The teasing from an anonymous source occurred during a mass exodus from the social network that was brought on by Elon Musk’s ‘hardcore’ ultimatum, which gave the staff of the company only a few days to decide whether they wanted to continue working for the businessman or accept three months of severance pay.

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The messages are coming from someone named Alan Marling , according to Gia Vang, an NBC Bay Area reporter.

Who is Alan Marling?

Alan Marling is a Bay Area projection activist. He is known for his projections on Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters in 2020 during the Donald Trump elections. He had said that Trump and “the company amplified lies and hate speech.” Marling crowdsources what he projects usually via Reddit.

Marling protested during the Iraq War as well. But he noticed in 2017 that the United States was having a problem with the quantity of radicalism on social media, he said that our society is becoming more extremist as a result of social media because of the way its algorithms operate, as per LA Times.

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Marling believes that while social media platforms would want to be viewed as encouraging public discourse and serving as public forums, they are really just for-profit private businesses without any sense of morality.

Following Musk’s acquisition, Marling has once more been seen in front of the business’ offices. He displayed the phrase “Free hate speech” on the wall with an arrow pointing to Twitter’s sign.

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When asked about his projections in San Francisco, Marling said, “I used to enjoy Twitter as a way to connect with friends and build community over great distances. Now I avoid the site,” as per San Francisco Standard.

According to Marling, the acceptance of white supremacist conspiracy theories and hate speech on Twitter may drive away women, minorities, and people of colour.