The FBI Albuquerque from New Mexico tweeted on Friday, January 27, urging people to help them find Anthonette Cayedito, a Native American girl who disappeared at the age of 9 in 1986.

“Help the FBI find Anthonette Cayedito, who has been missing from Gallup, NM since April 6, 1986. She was 9 years old. Contact 1-800-CALL-FBI” the tweet read.

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Who is Anthonette Cayedito?

Anthonette Christine Cayedito was born on December 25, 1976, in Gallup, New Mexico, USA. Her mother Penny Cayedito was from the Navajo native group. Her father, Anthony Montoya was of Italian and Hispanic descent. Anthonette and her sisters were raised by her mother in Gallup.

On April 6, 1986, Cayedito disappeared from her home in the middle of the night. Her sister Wendy recounted the events five years after the disappearance of her sister. According to Wendy, there was a knock on the door at around 3 a.m. Both of them were still awake. The knocker had identified himself as “Uncle Joe” and when Anthonette opened the door, she was grabbed by two men, as she screamed to let her go; and the men forced her into a brown van. Wendy hadn’t recognized the men and didn’t get a look at their faces.

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One year after her disappearance, the Gallup Police Department received a phone call in which a young girl claimed to be Anthonette, however, the call was cut short by an adult before she could reveal her whereabouts. In 1991, a girl, seemingly matching Anthonette’s description tried to gain the attention of a waitress at a restaurant in Nevada. A napkin under her plate which was discovered after she left contained the phrases ‘Help Me’ and ‘Call the Police’.

Investigators believe that Cayedito may be deceased as no information of her whereabouts was known as of now, with theories of her death ranging from homicide to human trafficking.

Cayedito’s disappearance was featured on an episode of the American mystery documentary series Unsolved Mysteries in 1992.