Union College (NY) student Ayah Osman states everyone who attended a bingo fundraiser benefiting Israeli victims of terror should “burn in hell”.

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Who is Ayah Osman?

In a recent educational gathering facilitated by Professor Berk, a highly esteemed figure in Holocaust and Jewish Studies at Union College, Ayah found herself embroiled in a contentious incident. The issue revolved around Ayah’s incendiary comments concerning individuals who had attended a bingo fundraiser event in support of Israeli victims of Hamas. In her remarks, she had controversially suggested that these attendees should “burn in hell.” What was particularly concerning about this situation was Ayah’s apparent lack of remorse or acknowledgment of the harm her words had caused.

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During this educational event led by Professor Berk, Ayah’s comments had drawn significant attention due to their inflammatory nature. The fact that the gathering was focused on Holocaust and Jewish Studies made the remarks even more inappropriate, given the need for sensitivity and respectful dialogue in such contexts. Ayah’s refusal to express remorse or understand the impact of her words added to the controversy, leaving many participants and observers deeply unsettled by her actions.