According to court documents, Brian Gaherty, a Houston resident, was arrested and prosecuted last year for leaving repeated threatening voicemails at Rep. Maxine Waters’ office in California. Reports state that the person in question threatened to attack and murder a congresswoman last year.

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Who is Brian Gaherty?

Brian Gaherty is a 60-year-old man from Texas, who sent threatening messages to Maxine Waters and other congresswomen of color. On April 13, he was taken into custody and charged with transmitting a threat to harm the person of another interstate commerce.

Based on court records, Gaherty called representative Waters’ office in California between August and November 2022 and informed an employee of her staff that he was going to assault the representative. At least four threatening voicemails were also left by him, one of which threatened to “cut your black (expletive) throat” on August 8, 2022.

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Following a conversation between Gaherty and one of Waters’ staff members in November 2022, Capitol Police started looking into the threats. Gaherty allegedly told the staff member, “Tell Congresswoman Maxine Waters when I see her on the street I’m going to bust her upside her head. F—, who this is, tell that lying B—- I’m looking for her.”

After speaking with Capitol Police in October, Gaherty left another message for the congresswoman. “You snitch… Now we gotta come over here and take care of our f—— business. You know what I’m saying?” he allegedly said. “Be careful, b—-. Watch your back, man.”

Gaherty did not hide his phone number, which made it simple for U.S. Capitol Police to identify the caller’s location using information from T-Mobile and TracFone.

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Additionally, the 60-year-old Houston resident has a “history of sending racist, violent threats to other congresswomen,” recording 10 such voicemails for one of them between September 2022 and February 2023 as well as another for a different member in November 2022.

Gahetry was detained on April 13. His bond was initially set at $100,000, but according to records, he has now paid it and will soon be released.