Camrin Williams, who has recently been in the news for shooting a New York City Police Department (NYPD) officer, is a 16-year-old rapper from New York City.

Despite shooting a police officer, Williams was released from custody on Thursday after posting bail. Announcing his release from custody, the rapper put up a statement on Instagram, thanking his family and fans for their support.

Known in the Bronx rap scene as C Blu, the 16-year-old rapper has nearly 22,0000 subscribers on YouTube, and boasts an impressive 63,400 followers on Instagram.

Despite his young age, Williams has already released several songs, some of which have received thousands of views or listens on social media platforms.

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In one of these songs, ‘No Ozone Pt 2’, C Blu exchanges verses with upcoming rapper Set Da Trend and throw up gang sings, showing their allegiance to the Crips, an alliance of violent street gangs in the US.

In the song, released in October 2021, Williams is also heard saying, “Bought a new Glock, this s–t came with a beam / No, I can’t miss, all I shoot is greens,” ominously foreshadowing his run in with the law earlier this month.

The 16-year-old was arrested on gun-related charges in 2020, and was out on probation prior to his arrest again in January 2022.

In the January incident, Williams was involved in a tussle with cops that ended with both him and NYPD officer Kaseem Pennant getting shot.

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Reportedly, Williams refused to take out his hands from his pocket as instructed by the police, leading to a tussle. The 16-year-old shot Pennant in the leg during the tussle, and also ended up shooting himself in the groin.

Both the rapper and Pennant were hospitalised after the incident, but were released shortly afterwards post-treatment.

Williams subsequently posted $250,000 in bail to leave the Brooklyn juvenile facility where he had been incarcerated.