Chris Curtis, Boston-based WEEI Radio’s ‘The Greg Hill Show’ host, was trolled for using a Japanese slur – ‘nips’ while talking about ESPN sports journalist Mina Kimes.

During the Wednesday segment, Curtis was talking about their “top five nips”. The hosts were discussing several types of hard liquor. Show personality Courtney Cox suggested the prompt with Boston City Councilor Ricardo Arroyo seeking to outlaw the small bottles of alcohol in the city.

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Curtis immediately interjected: “I’d probably go Mina Kimes.”

Nip is an ethnic slur against Japanese people. It refers to a short version of Nippon, which is the Japanese name for the country.

Curtis received no response from the guests and co-host Jermaine Wiggins. Chad Finn of the Boston Globe reported that the station did not respond to comment. He wrote on Twitter that “corporate claims he meant Mila Kunis, not Mina Kimes.”

ESPN in response, told the Globe, “There is no place for these type of hateful comments, which were uncalled for and extremely offensive.”

Kimes posted a meme from “The Simpsons” of Bart’s eyes glazed over. She changed her avatar on Twitter to a picture of Kunis, who is an actor.

“People forget @coxcourtney once bravely stood against racism by posting a black square on Instagram when 97% of the internet was doing it. Now she laughs while Chris Curtis makes racist jokes about,” a Twitter user said.

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Who is Chris Curtis?

Chris Curtis, as per, worked in sports radio in Boston since 2002. He was an intern for Ted Sarandis, Eddie Andelman, Ryen Russilo and Michael Felger.

Curtis joined ESPN in 2006. He graduated from Boston College. In 2008, he began working for ESPN Radio in Bristol. He produced “The D.A. Show with Damon Amendolara” in 2009. “In April of 2013 Chris was hired as producer of “Dennis & Callahan.” Curtis quit his job after three years of abuse, only to return 80 pounds lighter to produce “Kirk & Callahan” alongside the great Ken Laird. Despite this wealth of experience, Curtis still doesn’t know how to run the board,” the website adds.