Christopher Francisquini, 31, a native of Naugatuck, Connecticut, has been taken into custody upon the accusation of murdering and dismembering his 11-month-old daughter. Waterbury Police arrested Francisquini on Friday, with a bond set at $5 million, after he was on a run for two weeks. 

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Who is Christopher Francisquini?

Naugatuck police confirmed that Fracinsquini’s daughter, Camilla Francisquini was choked, stabbed, and dismembered on November 18, 2022. 

Francisquini got into an argument with the baby’s mother afterward, though she was unaware of the fact that the baby was dead. He allegedly destroyed the mother’s cellphone, removed a tracking device from his ankle, and ran away from the residence in his 2006 grey Chevy Impala. The car was later recovered from Interstate 91 in an abandoned state, police confirmed. 

A family member discovered Camilla’s body, and the cause of her death was confirmed be from neck compressions and stab wounds. 

“Francisquini’s capture is a clear example of what can be accomplished when community members work with law enforcement to take dangerous individuals off the street. Within 28 hours of asking the public’s help, he was taken into custody without incident and will now face justice,” the Naugatuck Police Department confirmed in a statement. 

Police further revealed that a they received a call on their anonymous tip line, which led up to Francisquini’s arrest. The caller told that Francisquini had changed his appearence, but was still recognizable. 

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Police Chief Colin McAllister reassured people that Francisquini is not going to be released, but will face a “slew of charges.”

He also added that Francisquinsi has “well-known to law enforcement” with an “extensive criminal history.” 

“He is currently out on almost $375,000 bond. He has a history of violent offenses and has posed a danger to the public previously,” McAllister said. “He was on special parole when he committed this crime. He also had a court-ordered tracking device on him, which was cut off shortly after the commission of this crime.”

Farncisquini was previously convicted for third degree assault in 2013, for which he was sentenced 10 years of jail. He was also found guilty on one count of possession with intent to sell or dispense and two count of interfering and resisting a law enforcement officer.