Joshua Ross, son of Craig Ross Jr., the alleged kidnapper in the Charlotte Sena case, disavows his father in profane terms.

In the midst of the harrowing kidnapping case involving Craig Ross Jr., one voice has emerged from within his own family, shedding light on the troubled dynamics surrounding the case. Joshua Ross, the adult son of the man accused of abducting 9-year-old Charlotte Sena, made headlines with his vehement disavowal of his father.

These strong statements come in the wake of the shocking abduction of Charlotte Sena and the subsequent discovery of her in a trailer where Craig Ross Jr. had been living. Ross Jr. had left his DNA on a ransom note delivered to Charlotte’s parents, leading to his arrest on first-degree kidnapping charges. The arrest sent shockwaves through the community, but it was Joshua Ross’s unfiltered statements that garnered significant attention.

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Who is Joshua Ross?

Joshua Ross, who was living at the same residence as his father in upstate New York, did not mince words when confronted by reporters. He expressed a profound disconnection from his father, stating, “We want nothing to do with him. I could give a f**k if the dude dropped dead tomorrow. He’s disgusting. He’s gross! He should die, I couldn’t care less.”

This public disavowal highlighted the strained relationship within the Ross family. Craig Ross Jr.’s arrest came as a shock to the community. He had recently moved into a trailer on his mother’s property due to his deteriorating health condition, multiple sclerosis. Neighbors described him as a recluse who had fallen behind on payments and struggled with his health.

The motive behind the alleged kidnapping remains unclear as investigators continue to probe any possible connections between Ross and Charlotte Sena’s family. This puzzling case has left the community seeking answers and grappling with the disturbing nature of the incident.

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Craig Ross Jr. finds himself in a dire legal situation, currently in custody without bail in Saratoga County Jail. He faces the serious charge of kidnapping, a crime that has shaken the local community and sparked nationwide concern.