Daniel Penny surrendered to the New York City police on Friday to face criminal charges in connection with the chokehold death of a homeless man, Jordan Neely on a New York subway train.

In a video from May 1 that went viral, Penny, a U.S. Marine veteran, was seen putting Neely in a chokehold after the latter’s outbursts on the F train. The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office confirmed that Penny would be arrested on a charge of second-degree manslaughter.

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Penny walked into the New York City Police Department’s 5th Precinct in Chinatown shortly after 8 a.m. ET. While Penny chose not to address the media outside, his lawyer, Thomas Kenniff, issued a brief statement.

“Turned himself in here voluntarily and with the sort of dignity and integrity that is characteristic of his dignity of service to this grateful nation,” Kenniff said. “The case will now go to court we expect an arraignment this afternoon. The process will unfold from there.”

Attorneys for Penny said in a statement Thursday night that they are confident that “once all the facts and circumstances surrounding this tragic incident are brought to bear, Mr. Penny will be fully absolved of any wrongdoing.”

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“When Mr. Penny, a decorated Marine veteran, stepped in to protect himself and his fellow New Yorkers, his well-being was not assured. He risked his own life and safety, for the good of his fellow passengers,” said the statement from the law firm of Raiser and Kenniff. “The unfortunate result was the unintended and unforeseen death of Mr. Neely.”

Who is Thomas Kenniff?

Thomas Kenniff is the founding partner of Raiser & Kenniff law firm. According to the website of the law firm, Kenniff “specializes in representing individuals accused of criminal offenses in federal, state and military courts.”

It further added that Kenniff’s “legal experience is impressive in both its breadth and diversity. Prior to founding Raiser & Kenniff, PC, Tom served as an Assistant District Attorney in one of the metropolitan area’s most prestigious district attorney’s offices. While serving as an Assistant D.A., Tom successfully prosecuted hundreds of criminal cases and earned a reputation as a talented trial attorney.”

Ex-District Attorney and television personality Jeanine Pirro said, “We’re all fans of Tom.”